Why Choose a Memorial

Deep down, most of us want to know that we, in some way, made a difference in this world – that we mattered to someone, and that after we die, we will be fondly remembered by those who knew and cared for us.

When grieving a death, memorialization – taking time to honor the life of a loved one in a meaningful way – and remembering the difference a loved one made in our lives can be an important step in the journey toward healing.

Today, there are so many ways we can remember and honor the unique people in our lives. Memorialization can be a personal experience that reflects the personal values, interests and experiences of our loved ones and helps those who are left behind to remember those who matter most.

To assist you through this creative process we use a simple 5 step process.

How Do I Start

Sharing stories and reflecting on a person's life offers opportunities to remember how our loved ones shaped and influenced our lives. As you begin the creative process do you have anything in mind? It’s a good idea to take some time to remember and reflect on what was important and special about your love one? What was the story of their life?

Here’s a list of simple questions to ask yourself in the process of choosing and creating a memorial:

  • Who is the Memorial for? Individual, Companion (Husband/Wife)
  • Where is the Memorial going? Cemetery, Park, Building, Garden
  • Does the location have any special requirements? Regulations, Permit fees, Design requirements, Size and shape limitations
  • Do you have specific budget limitations that need to be considered?

Pre-Planning Your Memorial

Your life is a story that deserves to be represented in a way that honors your dreams, memories and true legacy. What were the unique chapters and milestones that meant the most in your life’s journey?

In today’s world of uncertainty and constant change, pre-planning your memorial ahead of time can insure that the difference you made is appropriately represented in the memorial of your choice. Sharing stories and reflecting on a person’s life offer opportunities to remember how our loved ones shaped and influenced our lives. Acknowledging the importance of loved ones in our lives is an essential step in the healing process.

The only thing certain in life is… UNCERTAINTY

Planning ahead creates… PEACE-OF-MIND

Reduces financial… WORRIES

Streamlines estate planning and protects against…INFLATION

Demonstrates… LOVE & GRATITUDE

By saving your family from having to make an important decision at a time of high emotion and grief.

We’d like the opportunity for our family to meet your family. We would be honored to capture your story and your most treasured memories and love. Whether you are choosing a permanent memorial for the cemetery, or a granite keepsake for the home or garden, we believe that compassion, empathy and care are important. We will make the process simple, meaningful and professional.